Edit Me Challenge – for Blogtoberfest Day 18

This week I have decided to enter a new challenge – Edit Me Challenge. Each week an image is presented for participants to edit/process. I wonder how it would feel to have other people play with your photo?
                                            Edit Me
Photo by Julie H, Winner of last week’s EditMeChallenge
1.Duplicate layer, overlay, high pass filter 1.5
Auto tone and contrast
2.Cropping to remove top right corner branch.
HDR toning -more saturated
Filter- accented edges -edge brightness 28, smoothness 2
Shadow Highlight -increased mid tone contrast

3. Increased Saturation – red
Decreased Saturation – blue and cyan
Selective Colour -yellow (decreased cyan and increased magenta)
Applied Photo Filter Warm (85)
4.Decreased saturation
Increased saturation of yellow
Applied Filter, ink outlines

I am submitting No. 3 to the Edit Me Challenge.
Have a look at what other’s did with Julie’s photo.
It is Day 18 of Blogtoberfest! I just realised we have passed the halfway point!
You might like to enter my Blogtoberfest Giveway too. You could be the owner of an item (valued $15) from my LorikArtCat shop.

4 thoughts on “Edit Me Challenge – for Blogtoberfest Day 18

  1. So creative! You've really made the photo your own! I think it's inspiring to have others edit my photo, everyone has their own take on it! Thanks for sharing yours!

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