Grass. And Blogtoberfest Day 16.

Grass is the topic for this week’s NF Inspiring Photography #18. It is a meme for sharing shots you are were inspired to take or make.

The photograph I took, with my iphone, was a fairly simple and ordinary one. But then I had lots of fun  – and was inspired – and turned  the grass into a rainbow.
It is Day 16 of Blogtoberfest. I just realised I missed Day 15 because I always put up Mandarin Orange Monday on Sunday night and confused myself. I guess that means two posts today… Maybe. It is very hot here today in Sydney. It reached 34 degrees C so perhaps I will need to turn my computer off and cool it down and me down.

Mandarin Orange Monday No. 14 is here

5 thoughts on “Grass. And Blogtoberfest Day 16.

  1. lol, if this is the result of a missunderstanding I am happy about it. Love the rainbow grass. 🙂 But, there are no themes in NF IP. I put in a photo because the post would look boring otherwise and the title reflect the photo. That´s all. Thanks for joining. We advertise and inspire each other and that is fun:)

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