Mandarin Orange Monday No. 14

On the way to the beach at Manly there are two striking and unusual sights as you walk down Ashburner Ave. One is the colourful house and the other is the “fish garden” as I named it for my grandson.
The entire front garden, from fence to house, is a fish pond. A boardwalk connects the front gate to the front door. It is a complete wonderland. Not only are their many brightly coloured fish, but also sculptures. The main sculpture is a seated mermaid. It is made child safe by a metal grill just under the water level but the fish can swim freely between both levels.
The fish are Koi and there is a little sign explaining some facts about this very colourful species. One very sad fact is that in 2009 someone poisoned all the fish, both koi and comet,  that lived in this pond. The owner, Roger Springer and his neighbours tried to save them but unfortunately none survived.
He has since restocked his pond with the help of the local community. A surveillance camera has also been installed. I was pleased to be able to show my grandson this sight – and to photograph the fish. 
In the early years of the settlement at Sydney (in the 1790’s) there was a channel where Ashburner Ave is now, which connected the harbour to the sea. All that remains these days is a narrow pipe running underground. It  is said that even today fish congregate in the harbour near the pipe hoping to be able to travel through to the sea as they did 200 years ago. 

Oil Paint Filter, Selective Colour, Equalise, Posterise, Poster Edges.
 Increased Vibrance and Saturation.

Poster Edges Filter, Sepia Photo Filter.
Desaturation-all colours except red and yellow.
Filter  Ink Outlines. Magic Wand selection – desaturation
background,  fill background (cyan/blue).
Fade fill (Linear Dodge). Filter Ink Outlines,
Magic Wand – Clear selected area and Fill (Cyan)

Add New Layer. Fill turquoise and Fade Fill (Colour Dodge).
Merge with  fish layer.
As I progressed with these images, I got move involved in what I was doing and less disciplined about writing down what I did. The last two images are a combination of the processes I used in the previous ones. I think I applied Accented Edges Filter as well.
Of course, it is much better to just “let yourself go” when editing and then be surprised (and at times pleased) by the results. When I first started editing photographs I would never have believed that it was possible to be spontaneous or intuitive  using this medium.


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Day 14 of Blogtoberfest!

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48 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday No. 14

  1. Stunning work Lori….Why would anyone want to poison the fish? That is just so mean.I love how you played with the colours…. I love seeing the difference it makes. The goldfish in the last photograph are amazing.Karenx

  2. Hi Lori, using photo effects can be addictive. I like the endless possibilities it offers. I like your altered images.Thanks for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.

  3. Beautiful images and processing… I will have to make it a point to visit this spot if/when I return to Sydney. (was there three years ago and did visit Manly Beach among other sites my Aussie friends took me to see) These days I'm enamored of iOS apps and all the processing I can do simply on either my iPhone or iPad… my post to Weekly Top Shot (#59) links to a tutorial about using iOS apps to process an image. Cheers and happy retirement!

  4. These are such beautiful fish? I cannot understand how someone wants to poisoin them. What is wrong with us people? It doesn't seem to be possible to have anything without a surveillance camera anymore – how sad.I like your images very much – beautiful orange.

  5. Linda, you have inspired me to get busy and use the fish image – probably in some jewellery – (for the shop) and maybe for a painting,,Soulbrush – i think there are quite a few of us retired teachers here…and we have plenty of experience 'writing comments":) Luckily, we don't feel tempted to give marks out of 10!Victoria, I find I am using my iPhone more and more for taking photos – it is so handy. I will look at your iOS apps tutorial link. Thank you!Thanks everyone:) Manly really is a place worth visiting…

  6. i enjoyed your processing. thanks for leaving a comment on my first MoM entry. kois are beautiful, what kind of a psycho would poison the fish? photo editing can be addictive–i hope we won't develop carpal tunnel syndrome.*LOL*

  7. I love this post. Beautiful photos and history, too. Koi are so elegant. We had them in our pond for all to enjoy. Recently, a few raccoon banditos arrived on the scene and took care of our plants and fish. Starting all over again. Your pictures are so inspiring!

  8. This is a beautiful story about a beautiful person who shared his passion with the world. That our world is full of crazy people who get joy out of doing harm is something I will never understand and I search my brain every dy to try to think of how to get rid of this evil, but so far to no avail. You, have taken the charm of this offering and turned it into an artists version thus extended its beauty to yet another audience. You too have given us a gift … Thank you!Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. When I learned about Mandarin Orange Monday I thought it would be something that I link up to now and again because orange is not my go to color. I am amazed I keep using orange! I think my subconscious loves your blog and wants to keep playing here so it is keeping me reaching for orange!

  10. Luna Miranda – I am afraid I already have – among other things associated with too much sitting at the computer! I wonder how many of us are the same?Lady D Piano – sorry about your fish and flowers – at least it was nature that did it and not crazy people. btw I have never seen a racoon – or except maybe at the zoo.Carolyn I am glad you have discover ( or rediscovered?) the possibilities of orange:))Britta, you are the second person this week that has mentioned Andy Warhol – different images too. Looks like i am becoming a little "Pop" in my "mature " years :)) Interesting!Thanks everyone for your comments-I really enjoy the feedback – and chats:)

  11. If you've been engaging yourself a lot in fisheries or water arrangements you will really find it hard to resist when you see something lovely that you could put into your pond or aquarium. And yeah, I just bought my own kasco fountains cause they are just really lovely that's why I bought them, well, why not? they really are fit for my pond.

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