Green Picture Show

Some green images today for Blogtoberfest and FMSphotoaday.
Day 11 photo prompt for photoaday was “Something Closeup”.
Day 12 prompt is “On the Table”. 
And it is Day 12 of Blogtoberfest, so just 22 more consecutive posts to go!
Both images  are closeup and actually, both are on a table. The cactus is on the back verandah, the glass in the sunroom. My grandson calls this glass Nanna Lori’s Bubble Glass. It does look a bit magical, don’t you think?

FMSphotoaday 12. On the Table.
FMSphotoaday Day11

 These images were actually green but I realise they progressively became less green. Green is not my favourite colour…

Linking today with Bonnie’s Photo Art Friday where you will see some interesting images.

LorikArtCAT Blogtoberfest giveaway is here. Closing date 30 Oct.

12 thoughts on “Green Picture Show

  1. Like Miriam, I chuckled when I saw that you had artistically turned your green glass into an orange glass … that being said, the glass pictures, all of them, are very artistic yet simple. I love what you did with them. See you Monday …Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Miriam and Andrea, I was really intending to keep it green – but I couldn't resist!Nina Bille, it wasn't the intention, but i realised it had become Pop by the end:)Thanks everyone for your comments – and it is my favourite glass – i have a set and use one everyday. My cup is orange though:)

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