My Beatles Experience

Fellow Blogtoberfest blogger, Tess of planettreasures, wrote about the Beatles  a few days ago. Why did she choose this topic? Last Friday was  50 years since the Beatles released their first single, Love Me Do, in 1962.

While I was thinking about the answers to  Tess’s Beatles questions I remembered something very adventurous that I did as a young teenager. In 1965 The Beatles visited Australia and Beatlemania took hold. I wasn’t able to go their concerts but I remember their pictures and music were everywhere.

On the morning that they were to fly out of Sydney, my friend Pat and I had a similar idea. We both fantasised about going to the airport to farewell our beloved Beatles. By the time we had reached the train station we had both agreed that we couldn’t possibly go to school that day. It was far too important a day to waste at school. I have no idea how we managed to  make our way to the city by train and then a bus to the airport – but we did it. I had never been that far alone before. I might add that we had disposed of our school uniforms and had put on a “disguise”- ie. Pat’s mother’s makeup. We had both never worn makeup before other than a little pale pink lipstick and we both must have looked atrocious. But we were convinced that if we were on the news,  no one could possibly recognise us – not our parents nor our teachers. We were wrong.

That night we were on the news. Two little girls with funny make – up on our faces- squealing with excitement – as you did back then when a pop band was around. Pat’s mother recognised us immediately. My parents missed the news but, like a good girl, I had confessed as soon as I arrived home. I don’t think I could suppress my excitement even when there was a risk of being in big trouble!

The really amazing thing is that years later I was watching a documentary about the Beatles Downunder 1964 tour and who did I see? Pat and I waving and screaming frantically. It was only a glimpse but I was sure it was us. And years later,  I searched YouTube and what did I find? The footage “Beatles Down Under Part 3”. If you would like a glimpse of a very happy little girl – in disguise – you can pause the clip between 0:14 and 0:17.

Me left, Pat right.

Linked to FMSphotoaday. Emotion.

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6 thoughts on “My Beatles Experience

  1. Lori this is just about the coolest thing EVER! Thanks for MOM and leaving your comment on Morning Dewdrops. Fixing to look around a bit on other participants of MOM Blessings Terri

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