Mandarin Orange Monday 13

It is time again for you to share your orange art on Mandarin Orange Monday. Each week  the art becomes more varied and interesting. Everything from beautifully edited traditional  photography to exciting  experimental photo art has impressed us all. We have also seen expressive paintings, multimedia   and fabric art. I wonder what we will see this week?
My images this week are related to photographs I took while on holiday at Manly. Every day on the way to the beach we would pass this very colourful house. And of course, orange is strongly featured. I have exaggerated the orange in some shots.
I used the magic wand to select green and blue coloured areas and 
Desaturated. Ink Outlines Filter was applied and finally sepia Photo Filter.

Selective colour and HDR toning
Selective Colour. HDR toning and Ink Outlines Filter.
HDR toning Surrealistic High Contrast. Fill  and Colour Dodge.
 Poster Edges Filter 

Selective Colour and Accented Edges Filter.


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46 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 13

  1. Living in a heritage home, I am a little bit of a traditionalist, and I think that traditional colours should be applied… Having said that, these are great photos!!

  2. Beautiful art in warm colors!It's nice to be here again!Thanks for the comment from you.If I had rubber boots I'd gone into the water and got a picture in front of the grass too.Have a wonderful week.

  3. What an adorable bright orange frufru house. Anyone who lives there can't help but be happy … What a great find and your pictures are wonderful … all of them. Thank you, I'm smiling!Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. The colourful dwelling reminds me of the traditional homes back in my place, only the ones in the photo are more colourful. The ones back home are mostly dual coloured… terracota and white/off white. The effects are nice too, loved the last one most ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Your photos and manipulation of them are magical…what gorgeous architecture. This linking place is something I would be interested in..if I can remember when I return.have a good week!xxx

  6. Ahhh, so YOU are the Mandarin Orange Monday I have seen here and there! It's wonderful to see we share a love of orange ๐Ÿ˜€ How can one not be happy looking at Orange?I love these photos…how amazing the colors are.So glad I found your blog, and happy you've visited Inspiration Avenue!

  7. Beautiful photos! I used to live in Manly (about 10 years ago) and I would hope that I wouldn't have missed this place because I was caught up in the daily grind. I love the effects you have chosen to use x

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