Prisoner Revisited…and pics

The photo prompts for FMS photoaday were an interesting challenge. Day 4  was “What You Read”. I started the  day by reading the paper and finished the day reading my crime fiction novel in bed. In between – lots of signs, tickets, labels…..
After reading the more serious news, an article on the back of the Sydney Morning Herald caught my eye. My favourite television programme from the eighties is being remade or “reinterpreted”. Prisoner was a popular drama series set in a women’s prison. Many now established Australian actors appeared on Prisoner early in their career.The first episode was in 1979, the year my son was born. The series ended in 1986. It inspires me to get out my old video recordings but I am not sure if I will watch the new one – I might find the differences too annoying and unsettling.
Prisoner was called “Cell Block H” in the UK and USA and “Caged Women” in Canada.
My processed image – SMH article. “What You Read” FMSphotoaday

I wonder how many actors you remember from then or recognise from now? And  the theme song – that is something etched into my memory.

And returning to FMSphotoaday – Day 4 prompt for was “Shadows”. I superimposed two images – both are shadows.

“Shadows” FMSphotoaday
I plan to use this image for a mixed media artwork…. there..I have made the commitment….now I must set to and DO it. I will show you my progress in coming weeks.

It is Day 5 of Blogtoberfest!

Bonnie’s subject for this week’s Photo Art Friday is “figure”. Can you see my figures?

27 thoughts on “Prisoner Revisited…and pics

  1. He used to give me roses,I wish he could again;But that was on the outside,And things were different then.We'd built our world together,With a love so clear and strong;But that was on the outside.Where did i go wrong?On the inside the sun still shines,And the rain falls down;But the sun and rain are prisoners too,When morning comes around.Oh how I loved that show as well…

  2. Ooooh – love all your digital pieces here! The last two really appeal to my sensibilities. I went out last week and took all kinds of shots of architecture hoping to end up with a couple that I could make into something vaguely resembling yours. Don't know if I will be as successful – but thank you for supplying even more motivation to get to it!So appreciate you sharing your work with Photo Art Friday.

  3. wow wow wow and wow!! these are phenomenal, Lori!!! I of course don't recall the television show but then I have slid so far away from all media that it's a wonder I think I might recall something. actually, I was reading on another blog yesterday about all the "events" including some television from the 60's and 70's. it brought a lot of stuff to the surface but then it sort of sat there like a leaky canoe!!wonderful work with the shadows. I'm impressed. reminds me of some photos I have from Oklahoma City in 2005 and I am going to go dig them out of wherever they are stored Now.I am rambling, oh surprise!!

  4. Hi Lori, I remember watching Prisoner Cell Block H late at night here in the USA. My husband -boyfriend at the time- suffered through it with me as he did not like it. Now, this is the funny bit….I just said to him the other day, "Someone should re-do or show the old Prisoner Cell block H shows". He just gave me a look (a long suffering kind of look). LOL. Isn't that so funny. Glad I stopped by your blog today!! Have a great day!!!

  5. Karen, that is sooo funny! Will he suffer it again though? My husband was the same- and he would leave the room when it came on. I just loved it! We really did get to know the characters so well…Currie, I watch far less tv now – but I haven't given it up completely. I still have my favourites -usually crime fiction thrillers.

  6. Now you've got me thinking about a favorite police drama that we could get on Netflix in the U.S.–Gold Coast. Did you watch? I love Scandinavian crime fiction–where do you get yours–favorite authors?Oh, and your photography is very original and creative. Those challenge a day memes are really good for getting creative juices going.

  7. Faye I haven't seen Gold Coast – unless we saw it under a different name here. As for Scandinavian crime fiction – we get a few on our publicly/govt owned TV channel here…the ABC and SBS. Also Amazon has quite a lot. Favourite authors? Mankell is my favourite- but I also like Theorin, Lackberg, Marklund – and Jo Nesbo (as long as I can skip the really nasty bits). At the moment I am reading Hakan Nesser's books. They're great too! Maybe I should have a page here to discuss what people are reading?

  8. So what crime novel are you reading? I never watched that show here in the US. I love both photos!!! Do you mind sharing how you did the first one with your glasses and the newspaper? That one is just awesome!!!

  9. Danielle you asked about how I did the newspaper/glasses image…. I can't remember everything – but I know I selected half with the magic wand and filled with green. The did the same with the other half and filled it with orange. I increased vibrancy quite a bit and sharpened. I don't think I used any Photoshop filters.And the book I am reading now? The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser- a swedish author. I am almost finished and sorry! What is everyone else reading?

  10. Karen, I do remember Country Practice- i don't think I watched all of them, but did see quite a few. I wonder if Bellbird was ever show outside Australia? Now that was a really early one! And what about GP? I was addicted to that.

  11. Thank you SO much for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #51… I’m sorry that I am very late coming by to visit your entry. But I have been fighting being sick all week, trying to fend off a virus and haven’t been doing much besides working and sleeping.. I do hope you’ll forgive me and come by tomorrow to share on Weekly Top Shot’s 1st Anniversary!

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