Blogtoberfest Day 4. Halloween Treasury Collection

It might seem like an easy way to keep to my Blogtoberfest commitment, that is to post every day, and it IS.  I am publishing the wonderful Etsy treasury that Air of Occasional Sweets has made. It includes a great collection of hand made items by Australian sellers on Etsy. Can you guess which is my item?

‘It’s party time! Happy Halloween!’ by occasionalsweets

Yay! I love a good dressup party, and look at all those fab colours!An Australian Wandarrah spotlight treasury featuring 20FourAcres 🙂

















 And now back to unpacking and washing and all those things you have to do when you return from a holiday!

3 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest Day 4. Halloween Treasury Collection

  1. We're just not as into Halloween are we, but a great collection!!!And it is easier to find your item, when in the "Other post you might find of interest" shows your pendant!!! Bahahahahaha…Lovely all the same! My late wife would've loved it, and she loved Etsy!

  2. ha ha ha very clever Bernie:)) I had better change it quick!Yes, when we were kids (my gen anyway) it was never heard of – but my son "tricked and treated" a couple of times. For a few years we had kids knocking on doors, but now it seems to have dropped off again.But since i like the colour orange….

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