Day 3 Blogtoberfest and photoaday October.

Back home tonight after a lovely week in Manly. I will miss seeing harbour when I first wake up. I will miss the early morning beach walks and I will miss those fun trips on the ferry. I will also miss that cute little cat Castro with the pretty eyes. I meant to  take a photo….next time.

But it is also nice to be home…our pretty ginger cat Melody  was very pleased to see us. She will need  a lot of attention tonight. I am also very pleased to have my own computer again. It is amazing how used to a particular monitor, keyboard,  and software versions (ie. Photoshop) one can become. I found it very difficult trying to adjust to the laptop and different monitor.

“This happened today” is the photo prompt for fatmumslim’s photoaday October, Day 3. Since the most fun thing that happened today was the return trip  to the city on the Manly ferry, that is the subject for my image. Our morning ferry was called the “Freshwater”.

“The Freshwater” bow. Sydney Harbour. Photo taken with Iphone.
Photoshop processed image.

Linked to Midweek Blues. Why not visit to see other blue images?

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