Day 2 Blogtoberfest – at the Botanical Gardens

We spent the day at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney today. We used to call them the BotanicAL Gardens. As  a child, we visited there every school holidays, together with our cousins. What fun we had exploring the bamboo “jungle”,  climbing in the caves and feeding the ducks. I think a large part of our packed lunch (sandwiches) went to the ducks. There were swans there too, back then.

Today it was also the school holidays and it was filled with children playing. We took our grandson, Matthew, who is now 2 1/2. He ran around on the grass, with us chasing after him, explored the “jungles’ and climbed in the caves. The “caves” in this case was a gigantic natural stone sculpture – great for exploring provided you didn’t bump your head! We didn’t feed the ducks though. Not only are you not allowed  ( a good thing for duck health) but there weren’t many ducks anyway. And definitely no swans like I remember as a child. The reason there are fewer ducks is a sad one. Eels have invaded the duck ponds. Apparently the eels come in from the harbour and make their way over the grass to the ponds.

We used to take our son, Matty’s daddy, to the Gardens when he was a child. Back then there were flying foxes hanging from the trees. Pretty exciting for us to watch but not very good for the trees. They damaged many of them. Recently colony was moved on – by big, blasts of sound.

As children often write in class compositions……”We arrived home tired but happy……” Matty fell asleep in his stroller at the end of our visit.

Being spring, there was a beautiful display of colour everywhere.

Big, beautiful, round cactii at entrance to Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

Lunch-prettified:) Day 2 Photoaday October

Mandarin Orange Monday is still open here

10 thoughts on “Day 2 Blogtoberfest – at the Botanical Gardens

  1. Hello, this is Orchid. My real Japanese first name is Miyako.Oh, I could see that you love orange color♡♡♡ Beautiful photos. Thank you very much for visiting.Hugs and Love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  2. Whenever we travel to a new city we try to get to the botanical gardens. It's so nice to see new plants and the creative ways they are displayed. Some, like Atlanta's, tend to plant art in the gardens also. I love that.Nice to see spring as autumn approaches here.

  3. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the day – at MY work whats more!!Yes, the GHFF have been moved on, and hopefully, the Hertifage Palm Grove can recover…Wished I had know you were here, I would've said hello!!

  4. Yes Lori, the whole place is one big work of art and does include both traditional and contemporary sculptures too…Next time I will photograph some of them. My favourite place there is the succulent garden though..

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