Mandarin Orange Monday 12

Once again I am so impressed by the art (let’s call it all art- forget the divisions of “photo-art”, “photography”, painting, collage etc) that has been posted here on Mandarin Orange Monday. It is really exciting to see the way we see our world and the way we express it.

My world has been a little different this week. I spent most of the week at Manly, apartment and cat sitting for friends- in a beautiful apartment on the harbour.  I have been  waking up at night to see a full moon shining on the water  and going for early morning walks by the beach.

The down side is I have neglected my blog – no posts since last Mandarin Orange Monday.  But I have taken lots of photos on my walks. The amazing Water Dragon is  the focus of this week’s MoM. I am sharing more images this time, but less processing. The processing has been done using an older version of Photoshop, 3, and a laptop, rather than my beautiful, big screen desktop imac.

There are two different Water Dragons – one is eating something orange and the other has orange markings.

Accented Edges Filter, Selective Colour.
Background selected and desaturated. Photo filter applied
Ink Outlines Filter and Increased Saturation.
Cut Out Filter, Selective Colour. Increased Saturation.
You can find out more about the Australian Water Dragon at the Australian Museum.


43 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 12

  1. Great pics. We do not have many lizards up here in Minnesota. It's just too cold.Sorry that I have two entries this week. I am not sure how that happened. I did not put it in twice.

  2. The Water Dragon with the orange markings is a hansome fellow … especially when you use your editing to accentuate his beautiful orange coloring. He makes the other Dragon seem a little drab, were it not for the orange munchable hanging out of his mouth. I love how you spot the subtle oranges in nature and turn them into striking pictures. Enjoyed it all again, as always.Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm going to join you every Monday for Mandarin Orange Monday–lots of great entries. Your blog is awesome and I enjoyed reading your profile. Amazing captures of the lizard -you do great work. Mickie πŸ™‚

  4. such stately creatures. I like the way the background in the last image matches the spiky textured skinsp.s. thank you for the invite to join, have added my first orange!

  5. These dragons seem to my American eyes rather exotic. Yet instead of disappearing at the sight of a nearby human, he/she seems to be posing with a dignified look. It looks good and is willing to accommodate the photo artist with the look of someone who knows that they are really good looking!

  6. Ralph, they really did seem to be posing for me. And they would stay there as long as I kept pefectly still – and no noisy people came along to look! To our eyes ( the the many visitors who come to Manly from all parts of the world) they are rather exotic!Andrea you are right – the orange one was the most handsome – but the other one had a beautiful orange belly – which was hard to photograph!Nature Footstep- I agree, sometimes I should just leave the photographs be..But you need to be a brilliant photographer usually:)Faye- i guess it isn't just that the photoshop was old – just that it was different – and i wasn't working so "automatically" or spontaneously…thanks everyone for your visit and your comments. Thank you too for your orange images you have shared, and the ones you plan to share in the future:)

  7. Kaylene…Manly wasn't quiet at all over the weekend- it was the Jazz Festival!!! Weren't we lucky to be there then?! Hard to get photographs of the musicians though – if only I were taller…..

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