Mandarin Orange Monday # 11. Transforming my painting

This week I tried something new. I took a scan of a canvas painting I did a couple of years ago and recreated it using Photoshop. A fellow blogger, can’t remember who, did it with her painting so I thought I would try it. I found it very, very difficult. I felt like I was “desecrating”  my work. It felt a bit like someone coming up and drawing all over the top of my work and “ruining”it. I forced myself to go on and I ended up liking the results. I see now it has opened up all sorts of possibilities for  new artworks  – new canvas paintings. New ORANGE paintings!

The original painting is based on photographs I took while on a camping holiday at Green Patch. Green Patch is the most beautiful place, on the south coast of NSW. It is native bushland near a bay with pristine white sand and the bluest of blue water. You can see dolphins and there are wallabies and many colourful birds. Along the beach are beautiful white weathered rocks and the occasional fallen white (petrified) tree branches.  It is so popular in the holidays that the National Parks people have to run a ballot to decide who can camp there. We were there in the off- season – much better I would think.

This canvas is 61 cms (2 ft) square and I used acrylic paint – lots of washes and glazes and finally thick paint for the white (like Daumier) and the grass. As you see there is quite a bit of orange here already.

And here are the processed, reworked digital versions. I did take notes as I processed and played, but I am afraid I got lost in what I was doing. I can, however, describe some techniques. With all of them I changed colour by using Selective Colour and Saturation.

Selective Colour, Accented Edges filter
Poster edges filter and Linear Burn
HDR toning (Surrealistic High Contrast)
HDR toning (Saturated)

The last two are sections which  I isolated and reworked.

There such an interesting variety of artworks  shared last week. We now have all sorts of artists contributing – photographers, photo-artists, painters. Media & technques  included digital art,   oil painting, water colour, mixed media and collage.
Show me what orange photo art or other art you have been doing this week!


Photograph of painting (top image) linked to Weekly Top Shot and Your Sunday Best. Our World Tuesday and Tina’s Picture Story. Last image linked to Mellow Yellow. The whole series is linked  to NF Inspiring Photography, a new creative meme. Also linked later to  Paint Party Friday, Photo Art Friday.

48 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday # 11. Transforming my painting

  1. Really love your painting. Have never considered altering digitally an art piece, but I can see the advantages. Nice to see the different versions and the final one is great.

  2. This is simply awesome I love all the beautiful changes and how your art piece just glided through till you achieved this final outcome…beautiful!Got inspiration from you to link my 'Smile Dose'here!

  3. Lorik, this painting is beautiful… the photoshop effects are cool too, but your painting is fabulous!! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. i'll be following yours too. You paint beautifully. xox

  4. Very interesting post about your original work, and to see all the different digital versions. You did a very good job here!Ps. You asked about my "Black and Decker DRODDEL" It's only a long exposure shot of my eletric drill when moving the camera, and then increased the color and contrast!Thank you for hosting, and have a nice evening:)

  5. What you started with was amazing and the many ways you altered it, each time created a new expression of your art. I agree … you opened doors and I, for one, love the results. May have to try something like that myself :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Fabulous piece. I like your original work very much but so enjoyed seeing how your transformed it again into totally different pieces of art. The last one is very dramatic.

  7. I love what you've done here, Lori. Rally. So brave to "bridge" and such a rich experience, clearly.It used to scare me and frankly overwhelmed me to try to bridge painting, and in my case painting with paper, into scanning, and then into digital fiddling. So… I DO understand and applaud your courage to go outside what you know.The results of your experiment are so deep and delicious. It is good to keep notes and make a visual part of the process "fixed" in some way. And, more than that, it's essential to lose yourself in the experience.I am gob-smacked, really, at your boldness first in pursuit and then in discovery.Glad you've shared this on PAF. Very apropos for this week's "encouragement" from Bonnie!!YAY YOU!!xoxo

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. It was interesting to see the different reactions – some preferred the original – others different edited versions. And many understood the difficulty in "messing with" your own precious original artwork. And as Candy said – at least it was only digitally!Monica thanks for explaining your image – how imaginative and how skilled you must be to achieve that with a moving camera and an electric drill! I wonder how many of us will be trying to take moving camera shots now!Thanks Currie for being "gob-smacked" :)) And you are so right about being able to lose yourself in the experience.Thanks again, to everyone, for your comments and your wonderful art.

  9. I like it all!!! The edits are so fun and creative and bring a whole new dimension to the piece! It's about letting go and pushing forward!! I think they all have different appeal, makes life interesting!! Thanks for sharing…Great work!Hugs Giggles

  10. Lovely to see all the things you can do with it. But still: my favorite is your original painting! The sublety of colours is somehow wiped out in the digital versions.

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