Ageing and it’s beauty.

Ageing is the theme for Photo Art Friday, so what better a subject than my father’s  old shed. This window probably hasn’t been open for many years. Although I think it is beautiful as it is, I did try to “prettify” it with Photoshop just a little.

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38 thoughts on “Ageing and it’s beauty.

  1. this is grand!! I had a blinding flash yesterday of 2 collages I'd made in early 2011 with old cars and old gas pumps and such. I remembered that my son had commented that he liked those very much. I just realised that I am going to give them to him for his birthday in 2 weeks. you reminded me to go get them out and DO some framing!! thanks!!!

  2. What a great subject and pretty treatment! There is something about windows, wooden frames, doors that just captivates … So glad you are sharing your work with PAF, Lorik.

  3. These turned out great. I love your SOOC shot, that color of faded blue is just wonderful.The edits were great too. I think my favorite of those 2 is the last one and I also like that you are reflected in the shot.

  4. Currie I am glad I was useful! You have plenty of time still…. and I hope you are going to post them on your blog too!Linda, you are right, I am getting a lot of mileage our of that shed! And there are lots more photos that I haven't used. I also intend taking some more on a sunny day- there wasn't much light that day.Bonnie, I agree, doors and windows are so interesting, and you see how many people think so when you look at Pinterest.Thanks everyone for your comments – and yes, it is a beautiful, rustic, poetic, beautiful ageing window in it's own right – without any treatment!

  5. Hi! Just popping in to say thank so much for making my day with your comments on Musing Crow images. I've added your button to MCI as well as to Musing Crow Designs.I'm so glad you mentioned Orange Monday – since Orange is one of my favorite colors and I do use it a lot!It seems we share the love of felines and avians as well!Thanks again

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