Shoe Transformations

While I was minding my 2 1/2 year old grandson yesterday I decided to photograph his feet. He sat up on a chair and kept his feet very still for me. I showed him the images on the camera and he was pretty impressed. Then he came with me to the computer  and sat on  my knee – actually it was really a ploy so that he could reach, and play with, the landline phone. It does play such pretty sounds when buttons are pressed! While he was busy button pressing I transformed his shoes. He he found this very exciting, much more so than the phone buttons. He particularly liked the “silver” version but also demanded that “Nanna Lori  make them red”. And green. And so on.

Actually it was a lot of fun for both of us. He did pick up the mouse and try to do it “by himself”. I promised I would teach him when he turned three. Three might be a bit optimistic but it sounded good to him.

The first two images are today’s efforts. As you can see, I included my slippered feet.

This black, white and red one I made in July for the photoaday challenge.

The inspiration for photographing shoes was actually Tina of Tina’s PicStory. Feet is the theme for her photo meme this week. Also linked to MidWeek Blues.

7 thoughts on “Shoe Transformations

  1. I love those shoes! Our children (not little anymore at 23 an 21) had the coolest shoes when they were littly. Of course, their grandmother picked up the best shoes. He posed for the photographer – and he liked it, but a grandmother loved it even more!

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