Finished at Last. My parrot brooch.

My parrot brooch is at last finished! Here it is looking bright and glossy. It is now one of three hand painted round brooches I have made.  It will be in  my LorikArtJewellery Etsy shop sometime this weekend along with  some new photo art brooches.

I am linking to Artists in Blogland and Paint Party Friday

21 thoughts on “Finished at Last. My parrot brooch.

  1. Thanks for showing us how you made this lovely brooch Lori with your post further down too. I don't normally paint with orange so I'll put my thinking cap on for future orange Mondays maybe.

  2. Congratulations on completing the brooch. It's very colourful and vibrant!Thank you for notifying me of the Mandarin Orange Monday link up. I'll be back to link my post that contains the orange flower in a few hours! 🙂 Orange is such a cheerful and bright colour to start the week.

  3. You don't have the return email on your comment!! Thanks for inviting me to mandarin Monday….I put the button on my blog and will link in when it's up!!! Thanks for visiting with such kind comments!!Hugs Giggles

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