Mandarin Orange Monday 9. Orange Art and Nepal

Mandarin Orange Monday No. 9

sharing your ORANGE ART photo art and photos of your art

This week I wanted to especially invite not only photographers  but also other  artists who make orange art. In past weeks a few painters have joined in MoM and I think this is  a great idea! We may even see some potters and sculptors in future weeks.
So from now on it is a place for ALL artists to share photographs of their work. I am sure some of you who have shared photography on MoM in past weeks will also have paintings and other other works you would like to show us.

Guidelines ORANGE should be there – somewhere.

And if it is a photograph, it should be processed/edited in some way.         

My orange art this week is photo art. But the difference is, I photographed this image in 1977 with an old Canon film camera and had that film developed into slides. Some of you might remember that I recently bought a slide scanner. What fun that is! I finally worked out how to use it and have scanned several boxes of slides taken during one of the most exciting times of my life. In 1977, just after we were married, my husband and I set off from Sydney  to travel overland to London (the route known as the “hippy trail”). There was of course the necessity of plane trips here and there – because of oceans, high mountains  and the odd closed border. 

The photograph I am featuring was taken at a tiny village called Nagarkot in Nepal. To get there we travelled by ricketty old bus from Kathmandu and then walked the remainder of the trip. 20miles (32kms) uphill. And what kind of shoes was I wearing? Thongs (known as flip-flops in the US). Rubber, platform thongs! How on earth did I do it? And why? The reason was that we were travelling cheaply (“on a shoestring”) and were carrying our luggage on our backs – for a year. So what we took was limited and what we bought was limited too. And also I was young and stupid of course.
We followed the main track uphill – a long and winding track it was too! On the way we were greeted by women working in the fields. They had learned the English  word for “shortcut” and pointed. Of course they then put their hand out for payment (probably a few cents in our money). We certainly didn’t begrudge that. Those shortcuts did cut down our trip considerably. And these people were very poor.

Nagarkot. Approaching storm

We stayed in a tiny “hotel” with other young travellers. These days we would be called “backpackers”. This photograph was taken from the hotel and the stormy sky you see was actually below us. We watched the storm coming up from the huge valley below to Nagarkot. Very dramatic.

Nagarkot. Close up of buildings belonging to hotel. The bathroom was one like this – a bucket
 and icey cold water.

The first two images I processed using Photoshop. Besides bumping up the orange using Saturation and Vibrancy I also used Film Grain and Accented Edges adjustments. Finally my new favourite technique, HDR toning.


I really got carried away playing with PS. I combined layers, filters to with such abandon that I forgot to record what I did. I was tempted to keep going , but enough is enough.

There was a special reason for travelling to Nagarkot. We were there to view the sun rising over Mt Everest. Woken before dawn, we climbed quite a way up the side of the mountain, half asleep, and then waited.  That moment as the sun peeked over the  himalayas I will never forget – still can’t think about it without getting goosebumps.

Sunrise. Mt Everest. 1
Sunrise. Mt Everest. 2

The last two images showing the sunrise have minimally processed. First the obvious, getting rid of bits of dust using the Healing Brush and increasing Vibrancy and Saturation (the orange).


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49 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 9. Orange Art and Nepal

  1. Hi Lori, what a fabulous and fascinating post! Nepal is somewhere I wish we had gone to as well, still never too late:) That storm in the valley is amazing and the Everest shots, well, what can I say? Not surprised that it still gives you goose bumps! Great editing on the building. All wonderful! Cheers Jane

  2. Oh my, you really outdid yourself this time. The narrative, your trip as a young woman … such bravery you expressed. And "a bucket and ice water" Brrrrrrr, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Your pictures are equal to the task. Wonderful editing, which is not surprising because you always do wonderful editing. Such fun, I loved every word and picture of it.Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Thank you for inviting me (and informing me about) Mandarin Orange Monday! Interestingly enough the art I posted on my blog today is raging with ORANGE paint!I loved your story!!! Your hippie trek was so exciting and something I would have done too and did in other parts of the world (Mexico and Israel for instance)! Yes, we were young, but not so stupid…I love my travel memories! Nieve maybe.Your photos are awesome. Love that sunset, love that hotel. All your tweaking is fun too!Thanks for your great comments on my blog today too. That "demure woman in the middle" is my aunt who has dementia and her demure look is her vacant where am I look"…but you are right she is also demure! 😉

  4. Wow, what a way to process, the end result is stunning. I also love the sunrise over the Himalaya and can understand your goosebumps. I still feel like that when I remember the sunrise I witnessed from the top of Mount Sinai – I will never forget that.

  5. LadyDPiano – i tried to leave a comment on both your blog and google + but wasn't able to – so I will paste it here I remember houses like this in SF when I visited in 2000. "A beautiful city – one of my favourite places. Thank you for visiting. I am glad you are learning lots from my blog – and perhaps I will do some tutorials in the future. "

  6. Really enjoyed your post. I was fortunate to visit Nepal twice in the seventies as I had a friend living and working in Budhanilkantha near Kathmandu. I have such wonderful memories that I am reluctant to return. For me it is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. The colours evoked by the sun rising and setting over the mountains have to be seen to be believed. Namaste.

  7. Fun60. I agree with you -one of the most beautiful countries on earth. I understand what you mean-it I too would be worried about having those memories spoiled. I only went that once, but i did return to Kashmir in 89- another very beautiful country. But it was the beginning of troubled times there then…I am really pleased you enjoyed the post and that I could share some of my memories with you.

  8. So glad you told me about Mandarin Orange Monday. For years I did not have a good relationship with orange- but in the last year or so I have grown to appreciate the magic of this vibrant and fantastic color! Your year of traveling looks and sounds so magically- thank you for sharing it and those stunning photos!!!

  9. I have tried the link again and it seems to be working this time. I will refresh in a minute and make sure. Thank you for your kind comments and sorry the link didn't work … hmmmm. Someone told me Google was having issues, but this is the first problem I have had. Be well and see you next Monday, for sure and probably before …Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. Nepal seems a beautiful place – I'd hope I could breath at altitude…the sunrise over Everest is outstanding – the sun looks as if it can barely rise higher than the Himalayas…nice ruby edit on the house, it allows an already beautiful scene look almost as if it has been painted with acrylics. Beautiful, all!

  11. Thanks Andrea for coming back and linking again. Google can do funny things!And thank you everyone for all for those comments-i really did enjoy reading them-the new orange converts, fellow travellers, fellow lovers of beautiful places, and also those (everyone here) that just love making and looking at art!

  12. Oh, orange is my favorite color!Yes, candle lights are orange!I love your way of processing your photos. Under a dramatic sky, the orange house looks like a house in a fairy tale. This is a prelude of an adventurous story.Have a wonderful day!

  13. Hi Lori, Thanks for visiting! Beautiful art here all over the place. I would like to participate in MoM, but saw the collection for this week is already closed. When does the collection close – can you post only on Monday?

  14. Minniemie, the MoM #10 opens every Sunday night (Sydney, Australia time) at 6pm and stays open until Thursday. This week I experimented and left it open an extra day. I would love to see your work here for MoM:)

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