New Painted Parrot Brooch – in the making

Besides blogging and “facebooking” and tweeting and making photo art I have actually managed to make some jewellery this week. I say “make” but actually  I should say “in the process of making” as it is sitting there in my studio unfinished. All it needs is a few layers of sealer and a brooch pin on the back – that shouldn’t take too long should it?

But in between all the other things – like going to playgroup with my grandson (which I LOVE doing) and spending time with  my father ( you can see him in the pic  in the last post. He turned 90 last November and still going well!) – my little brooch sometimes gets forgotten.

You can probably tell that I took these photos before I  bought the tripod. But at least they give you an idea about my processes.

I worked into the night -not the best light. And look at my poor, old,
neglected painting easel behind. Must get that out to do some serious
painting soon! 

And I haven’t forgotten the celebration giveaway that I promised. I am making and photographing a new collection of brooches and some of these will be part of the giveaway. I have bought, finally, a tripod, so I no longer have to balance my camera on the back of a chair or whatever seems to do the job. With this new addition I was able to photograph about 20 brooches in a tenth of the time it would have taken with the chairs. Why didn’t I get one earlier?? I guess there is always something else to spend your money on-  like the electricity bill, which was huge.

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16 thoughts on “New Painted Parrot Brooch – in the making

  1. Wonderful broach!! I always wear broaches and just love them!!You know what I find funny, I have an almost identical plastic lid I use for my paint too!! You are so fortunate to have your dad at 90!! That's so awesome!!Hugs Giggles

  2. Hi Lorik; looked around a little. You've led a very interesting and blessed life. Like the brooch; colorful and eye catching. Coming from S&T Sat. I'm the Neon Green & Pink Avatar this week. Following you on FB pages with the Orange! Love the idea. Also following you on Twitter; Hope we can stay connected and you can do the same. Thanks Terri

  3. Great work, love the brooches fantastic colours. Will look forward to seeing them finished. I think that time gets away from all of us, we never create in isolation from the rest of our lives.

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