Return to photoaday. September

This month I decided to do fatmumslim’s photoaday again. I joined in on her challenge in July and had a lot of fun following her daily photo prompts. I also found it hard to keep up sometimes. A photo every single day of the month?! And of course each photo I felt compelled to process because I just love using Photoshop.

These are her prompts for September.

And here are my September photoaday pics so far. As you can see, I am a wee bit behind already!

Day1. You, Now. Me looking into my imac camera.

Day 2. Father. My dad on his 90th birthday last year. You can read more about him on my other blog
 Boomers-Our ParentsHistory

Day 3 Far Away. An Indian wedding in  inner west suburb of Sydney.

Day 4. In my mailbox. My mailbox- we are having local govt elections this weekend.

Linked to Friday Fences

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