Mandarin Orange No. 8

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Mandarin  Orange No 8

Something different this time for my Mandarin Orange Monday – no rocks or water this time – a shop window. But it is still in Manly, a window display I often walk past during my stays there. And how could I possibly resist photographing this stunning celebration of orange!
Straight from the iPhone camera -almost. I duplicated the layer (overlay)
and applied  the high pass filter and sharpened.
I applied the Cut Out filter.
After isolating a square  section from the original image   I again  applied the Cut Out filter.
Next I duplicated the layer (overlay) again, applying the High Pass filter.
Finally I increased saturation and vibrancy.
I applied the Paint Daub filter  and the Fill. I faded Fill and changed to Pin Light option.

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I always look forward to seeing  your contributions. They are so varied and  interesting – both in subject and style. Some have lots of orange and some just a touch and they all look so good together – a wonderful display of  orange – ness.

Another thing I enjoy is looking to see where you are all are –  from  Europe and Asia and across to the United States. And of course here in Australia where I am.


43 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange No. 8

  1. Candy I think it would be a very expensive night shirt. I find that shop is always good for looking at but only "wishful buying". But I would LOVE that for a nightshirt too! Madge – they may be – but halloween isn't as big here as in the US. It is growing in popularity though. When we were kids we didn't know about it but my son used to go trick a treating -but not many did then or even now. NF I am off to visit you now:)Thanks everyone for your comments and Greetings Leovi:)

  2. Now that is an inviting store window and they seem to share your penchant for orange. Very nice editing, each having a totally different orangy look. You are very talented …Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. Once again I have enjoyed reading them and am (slowly) returning your visits:) I look forward to seeing your orange creations next week.Fun60 have a wonderful time at Manly:) I will have a look to see if the display is still there when I go this weekend:)

  4. I'd never heard of Mandarin Orange Monday (have heard of Mellow Yellow Monday!) and I love your shots for this meme! Great job! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on my Fridays Fences!

  5. This is spectacular!! And I wanted too, to thank you for your always encouraging and thoughty comments on my blog and this week's Photo Art Friday post. Again, I cannot seem to locate an email to reply directly, but I really enJOYed coming here to see what you'd done. It is nice to know we both have 33 year old sons!! Imagine the probability we'd have "met" via someone else's blog and inspiration!!! Life is amazing.

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