Sydney Harbour Ferry – the picturesque way home

When you reach a certain age in Australia you become officially known as a “Senior”. One of the major benefits  is cheap public transport travel – on buses, trains and ferries. Today we caught the bus into the city to do a little shopping. The bus trip took 10 mins with only one stop on the way – quick and pleasant. The view over the Iron Cove Bridge wasn’t bad either.

On the way back we decided to take advantage of our Seniors Card. For the same $2.50 ticket we can travel anywhere between here and Newcastle to the north (160km) or south to Nowra (165km) and west as far as Bathurst (200km). Today we went the long way home via ferry and then bus. It was so much fun and we felt like tourists. I fell very easily into the part and took lots of photos with my iphone – not the best quality, since the ferry was rocking, but it captured the experience.

The return trip took about 40 mins – half an hour more but far more picturesque and lots more fun.

Waiting for people for people to disembark.

“Restin” ferry behind ours.

View through front window as we are leaving
Circular Quay
We are on our across Sydney Harbour. View of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge through our side window.
View of the Sydney Opera House through the front window.
Under the Harbour Bridge- waiting to set down at
Luna Park, Milson’s Point. 
View of Luna Park (historic fun park).
Looking back at Luna Park and Harbour Bridge pylon
 as we head for  McMahon’s Point.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as we head for Balmain East. 

6 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour Ferry – the picturesque way home

  1. Yes I have that Senior card, I used to drive from Newport to Manly and catch the ferry across on a Sunday to take a walk around to the Opera House etc, but that is so long ago. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I still love that walk around the Opera House- lots of nice food to tempt now too. Kaylene I hope you can get down to Sydney again to do it again soon:)

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