Mandarin Orange Monday No. 7

The photo I am featuring this week for Mandarin Orange Monday is probably my favourite photograph. I have a copy on my wall and I have also used it for inspiration for a canvas painting.

It is a cave I passed on a walk up the rocky track from Shelly Beach, Manly. Last week’s MoM images were of the view at the top. I was walking at sunset – trying to reach the Hanging Lagoon before it was too dark. I will show you the Hanging Lagoon another time!

This first photo is almost straight from the camera. It was a beautiful,
glowing sight and naturally occurring.

Just a tiny bit of editing here – with Poster Edges filter.

A square selection and Accepted Edges was applied here.

Using the Magic Wand tool I select the sky and trees at the side and
applied an Overlay Fill with Soft Light.

And here I used the Offset Filter for the first time! Magic!


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33 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday No. 7

  1. Wonderful work you've done with the cave shot! Very interesting the last one with offset- filter! How does this work,- is it something I can do in PS?Have a nice evening:)

  2. What a stunning cave with such rich colours. Thanks for sharing, visiting/commenting on my blog and extending an invitation to participate in MoM! Wishing you a bright, sunshiney week.

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