Mandarin Orange Monday 6

Welcome back to Mandarin Orange Monday. I am going to enjoy looking at YOUR orange images and I am also excited about showing you MINE.

The Orange-ing of Blue Fish Point

Blue Fish Point is at North Head, Sydney Harbour. It is a short walk from Manly Beach, past very pretty Shelley Beach and up through a bush track until you finally arrive at this spectacular view. Down below is a popular fishing spot, around to the left a popular surfing spot and in the distance the beautiful Northern Beaches.

Once again I had a lot of fun playing with Photoshop. My aim was to increase the orange – of course- and decrease the saturation of other colours. I used Saturation and Selective Colour mostly. I also increased depth using a new trick learned from Rachel at It’s Challenging! First you duplicate a layer, then change it to Overlay and the apply the High Pass Filter.

In the third image I  took out all colour except red and yellow and adjusted tones to give more contrast.

And then I had REAL fun. I selected what I considered to be the most interesting area – mainly because of it’s textures and applied both  Poster Edges and Accented Edges filters. Using the Magic Wand I then selected the ocean area and filled it with Cyan. There I lightened it then using the Shadows/Highlights adjustments. Since I couldn’t decide which one I liked best – I kept both.

Finally I selected a new area and toned down the cyan so that it became almost monochromatic. I applied Poster Edges again which reduced it to a semi-abstract sort of image.

And now for the most exciting thing of all- I used a Graphics Tablet. I was given it as a gift by some very good friends. I have been playing with it and doodling and yes, I DID practise writing my name, who wouldn’t?  I only used it a little in this series, after all I am very much a beginning with this new piece of technology.

I wonder if you can see where I used the Graphic Tablet pen?


42 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 6

  1. I can't ever remember how I edited a photo once I get to the 'I love it' part ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love how you did this and also included instructions. I'll have to give it a shot with some of my beach photos. Very inspiring.

  2. You have such beautiful scenery to choose from and your edits are wonderful … I am somehow drawn to the ones that you added the Cyan to. Maybe it is the contrast that sets up the orange. In any event, they are all awesome. Thank you for another week of Mandarin Orange :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Beautiful pictures of a very beautiful place. Thanks for the tip on Mandarin Orange Monday, now I know where my orange pictures "to go" ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Danielle I often forget too but sometimes I stop halfway and write down what I do remember. I probably leave out things though. I tried to do a screen shot of the History on PS- but I could select Grab and the History window at the same time – there must be a way….

  5. Where did i use my new graphics tablet? In the last two images.I used the burn tool in the long grass and the "twiggy plant" at the front. Also a bit on the scrubby orange grass on the rock. It was so much easier using a pen instead of a mouse to do that. Over the years it has go so much easier – first my clunky old usb mice, then wireless and finally my new apple mouse. But a pen?! Almost like real drawing on paper!Thanks for remembering Deb:)

  6. Hihi, I just arrived to your page and scrolled. Didn't read, just looked at your photos.Thought to my self that you must really like orange…all dess landscape in orange…then I noticed the challenge…hihi…./Lillianna

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