Mandarin Orange Monday No. 5

It is rocks again but this time rocks on a headland above the water, big sandstone bolders that been weathered by wind and rain into a shallow cave. The headland is above a beautiful little beach, Shelley Beach, at Manly in Sydney. You walk up from the beach first  on a proper road, then up a narrow, rocky track to the top. I took this photo at the  beginning of the dirt track just on sunset. Later I will show you some pics of the magnificent view from the  top.

As usual I played with the photo using Photoshop. After adjusting the tone to get more tonal contrast I changed the colour using Saturation and Selective Colour. Of course the aim was get rid of the yellow and end up with something more orange!

Besides tweeking colour and tone I applied the Poster Edges filter here – but just a little. I wanted to keep it fairly natural looking but give it a bit more definition.

With this image I got rather carried away and started having fun with the Cut Out filter and colour adjustments like Vibrancy and Saturation. I also used the Dodge too with a brush size  of 10 to bring out the lighter tones of the grass. I used my mouse to do this but I do have a Graphics Tablet which one day I will set up. I bought it for a very low price at Aldi (at Manly!) some time ago.  I wonder if the driver will be compitable with my one year old computer? Ah…more technology to play with…

The following images are section of the above. Changes here are simply with colour and tone.

So now you have seen what I have been doing in the the World of Orange. I am eager to see what you have been doing!


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34 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday No. 5

  1. Thank you so much for the invite to this meme,- Orange is my favorite color, so this is a great place to be!I love the way you add some more orange into your photos, Lorik!Have a nice sunday:)

  2. Thank you also for the invitation, what is great it is Australian. The editing you did with the original photograph is great they will make great images for hanging on the wall.Cheers

  3. Thanks everyone. I am glad you squeezed that bit of orange in rainfield61! Welcome to those who are here for the first time – and nice to see you again to those who are returning:)I did have lots of fun editing that photo – I have a cold at the moment and what better to do than sit here playing with colour.

  4. Thank you kkkkaty (now I am singing along…:) ! I really do love playing around with colours .planettreasures I look forward to you joining in the fun:)

  5. I need to come to Australia … what a beautiful place. I can feel your joy as you traveled through the various renditions of your orange pictures … I admire and even envy your talent.Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. Hi Lori.The High Pass Filter sharpens images and gives them more depth. I use Photoshop CS5. High Pass is found in Filters and then under Other. I usually use a value between 0.5 – 2.0pxBy the way, I am by no means an expert on PS…I pick up tips from other websites!Rachel

  7. Rachel thank you for getting back to me. I just tried theHigh Pass filter then – fantastic! I re-read what you said about new layer etc and applied 1.1 High Pass filter. Magic. All my images will have more depth from now on…better not go overboard! Probably everyone one else here who has commented will be doing the same:)

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