Some Random Images. Slides to Digital Technology

House and the Malaysia Hotel. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1977. Taken with old Canon.
A little Photoshop editing.

I had hoped to have some scanned slides to show today- but, alas, it was not meant to be….. The instructions on my new film and slide scanner are abysmal! It says follow the menu…sure…but how do you do that? Which buttons do you press? And in which order? So after much trial and error as well as  random button pressing I scanned only four images, including this one showing the famous (then) Hotel Malaysia, where many a young traveller stayed at the beginning of  their trek overland to Europe.

After tearing my hair out over my newly acquired technology, I needed some relaxation therapy. What better than to play with Photoshop.

Through my sunroom window. Taken with Pentax istDL

Not much prospect of sun in my sunroom this day. But what was left of it was very dramatic.

The following images are  abandoned buildings at Callum Park, near where I live. Callum Park used to be a psychiatric hospital and now is used mainly as parkland. It is rumoured that several of builidngs here are “haunted”. This building, Ward No. 19, is one of them.

Ward 19, Callum Park. Taken with my iPhone. Photoshop editing.

Ward 19, Callum Park. Taken with my iPhone. Photoshop editing.
Ward 19, Callum Park. Taken with my iPhone. Photoshop editing.
Images are linked to Skywatch FridayFriday Fences and Weekly Top Shot

And finally a gift for Photo Art Friday
Flowers bought from Rozelle Markets. Photo taken with Pentax ist DL.  Photoshop editing.
 My original photograph is here

22 thoughts on “Some Random Images. Slides to Digital Technology

  1. i wonder if i will ever figure out it all. blogging & new technology confuses me so. but i keep trying. positive attitude gets you every where in life. great views. (:

  2. Thank goodness I have a geek squad friend and then a young guy who's smart about all this tech and knows how to explain to a senior citizen for an hourly fee! Your relaxation efforts are just lovely and so different. Love the tonal quality of the sunroom photo. And the flowers are fab–is that the "watercolor" brush?Yes, serious Scandinavian crime fiction fan here. Started with all of Henning Mankell's Wallander series and branched out from there. Jo Nesbo and Liza Marklund (just read Last Will also)other favorites along with Hakan Nesser. Couldn't sleep tonight so am up to start reading the new Nesser–Munster's Case. Here I am on blog though. That's good because met another S crime fan!

  3. Faye – yes it was the water colour brush – i think:) I was half asleep by the time I got to it. I do remember i used HDR toning before that though. I guess paying a fee might have helped with the scanning a bit – but would have to find someone with that scanner too! Nowhere could I find a tutorial. Maybe I should write one when remember which button is which. It didn't help that the buttons were labelled with only one of their many functions! EG you are right! It is such a great moment when you do figure it out. Almost worth the pain:) Beth you are so right – I am so stubborn and determined that I think that turns into a positive attitude. I refuse to give up (even when i should stop and rest or stretch!).Deb it will be interesting-i will post some more results soon. took a break from it today.Thanks everyone for your comments-i like reading them:)

  4. Hi Lorik-back on SC. crime fiction-yes, I really enjoyed first Camilla Lackberg's novels for the feminine perspective and strong main characters in first three novels. Then with the last one–The Drowning-she really annoyed me with what I thought was a cheap and unnecessary cliffhanger ending. My opinion, an author does have to do that to get you to buy the next one. I'll probably get over this annoyance and buy the next though because try to read all of an author if like. You?

  5. oh I love what you've done. I, too, am often put off by the learning curves I need to negotiate and what I DO Now is remind myself that at one time I didn't even know how to "auto-fix" or "crop" and Now I DO all sorts of both and more and mostly first thing in the mornings. I can look, too, at my early months of 366 Daze of Grace and see I am leap-frogging in my understandings. and capabilities. It's clear that you are on the threshold of something and I encourage you to keep at it as you can and then celebrate small victories!!

  6. Faye I agree I didn't enjoy the Drowning as much as the earlier books. I even found Erica annoying and interfering and got a bit tired of all the domestic stuff. I had to look back at the book to remember the ending! What does that tell me? ….it is her or me:) The Lackberg book that I most enjoyed was The Hidden Child.. very exciting. I liked the links back to history too. Another writer I enjoyed was Theorin.Currie, you are right, we forget how far we have come:) And when frustrated we always must remember that there is an answer, usually via google, youtube or "help".As for my sunroom window view… I wish it was a sunny one today…and yesterday…and the day before. Dramatic skies are good but warm sun is nice and also uplifting!

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