Slides and Memories

Today I finally bought a slide & film scanner! Why? Because like so many other baby boomers, I have boxes of memories, boxes untouched for years. I am really looking forward to opening them up and looking back at what life was like for a 26 year old travelling around the world without a care in the world. Actually there were cares, many of them, but they mostly consisted of “how do we get from here to there”, which hotel does Across Asia on the Cheap (Lonely Planet’s first book) recommend or how much longer do we have to line up for our train tickets to Delhi.

Which scanner did I buy? QPIX FS-170 Negative and Slide Scanner, a relatively low cost one sold at my local Post Office. Let’s hope it does actually work. Even better, let’s hope it does  good job.

My New Scanner – not my photo though
                                                                              Video by johnborg101
Youtube is a great source of information. I found this video very useful – clear, straight forward and it showed the results of scanning. It was also interesting to look at his pictures- he too travelled Asia in the 70’s and he too stayed on a houseboat on the Dahl Lake in Kashmir. Soon I hope to show you my photos of Kashmir, both in 1977 and when we returned with our 10 year old son in 1989.
After watching this video and commenting on it  I realised that the uploader is of my generation and living in my Sydney. Maybe we passed on the trail!
On the subject of slides – in the months before we set off on what was known as “The Hippy Trail” and “Overland Trip” we spent many a night drinking wine and watching the slides of shots taken by friend who had already been. These were fun slide nights – very much NOT like those famous “slide nights” many of us endured in the 60’s and  70’s looking at snapshots of the family dog etc. Chris is now writing about his even earlier travels in the Australian Outback on his blog RoadworkINK. He has also written a book Tracked: An Outback Mystery inspired by both the Outback and his grandfather’s adventures. Tracked is now available at Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Apple’s iTunes and soon will be on the ebook shelves of other major booksellers. I “e-published” (Smashwords call it “agented”)  it for him – also lots of fun.

Cover Design:Angela Bright

2 thoughts on “Slides and Memories

  1. It certainly is a whole new world – and much simpler to start with digital than to have to worry about restoring and converting. As for your age…hmm…I wonder if your name tells us something 🙂

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