Mandarin Orange Monday 4

Mandarin Orange Monday is here once more – time to start looking around  again for all that is orange. Or, as I did this week, looking for all that is NOT orange and making it orange.

I have used another photo of the foreshores of Sydney Harbour at Manly. You can see that the orange fungus was not only among the rock pools but also on the big rocks at the water’s edge.

I set about getting rid of the green grass and toning down the blue water using Saturation and Selective Colour adjustments. I used the Magic Wand the Fill to further enhance the sea.

Here I once again used the Magic Wand and filled the rocks with a Screen and a little Colour Burn adjustment.

This is the result and my favourite. Here I used a mixture of Equalise, Fill and Poster Edges adjustments. Finally I used the burn tool and my mouse as a pen to bring out the white lines of the grass in the foreground. There was a little increased Vibrance and Saturation here too – not to mention a final cropping to become a square.

Maybe one day I will use it as inspiration for a painting!

I am looking forward to seeing your images.

Find out how to join in here. It is easy to do – just choose an orange-ish image that you have edited in some way. You may have used Photoshop,  Picasa or any other photo editing software to transform your photo into an exciting work of art – or just a slightly more interesting photograph.

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33 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 4

  1. My first time to submit here.I didn't know you opened submissions on Sunday,I was just happily visiting!Thanks for sharing your process.And, I'll be keeping my eyes open for orange!

  2. Thanks Leovi- i love rocks. I can't resist photographing them! Madge you were lucky to get the combination of that beautiful celtic design with the colour of the lichen.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind and thoughtful comments.The building in Santa Fe is a hotel, the La Fonda. I don't thinks it's very old, but it is real adobe construction.

  4. Thanks for visiting:) Liz i don't remember seeing fungus that orange on rocks before either. I have seen orange fungus on dead tree stumps though.Linda- would be nice to stay in a hotel like that- living inside a work of art!I look forward to seeing all your work next week:)

  5. Thank you for your visit on my blog. I never use any of the sorts that change the color of my photo's because I don't know how to do it. I sometimes use picasa but that doesn't change the colors I think. But I like your orange challenge as orange is our national color and we have a lot of orange everywhere. When you look at the Olympics and the Dutch have to participate you wil see a lot of orange around. So I will start your orange Monday soon but first we are going on a cruise this Sunday. I hope it will remember . I am your newest follower.

  6. Interesting to see the way you change the image.The orange stuff on the rocks is a lichen – it only grows where salt water splashes up on the rocks – so the line marks the highest high tides – just thought you'd like to know!Stewart M – Melbourne

  7. Stewart thank you for that information! I didn't know and yes, i did want to know:) So i know from now on only to search for it at low tide:) Riet I didn't know that orange was the colour of the Netherlands – but I should have …."House of Orange" . Thank you. And thank you to everyone else for your visits and comments:)

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