Photoadayjuly – a month of images

Fatmumslim’s photoadayjuly has ended – for this year anyway. And photoaday  is over  for me, for the time being. I will take a break this month and try some new things. But come September….maybe….

Here is my July 2012 in images.  My favourite is “letter”. I wonder what others think.

Linking  to Colour Connection

“Door” is Pixel Dust’s  theme for ” Friday Photo Art this week. My Day 14 “Building” is a perfect fit.

21 thoughts on “Photoadayjuly – a month of images

  1. Well…wow.Your image for PhotoArtFriday is perfect; love this one.I also love the one you chose as your favorite…letter.I could spend a while inside each of these…however, work is calling.Great images!

  2. Such an intriguing photo. I like the juxtaposition of the corrugated blue metal against the concrete and wood. I also like the feeling of looking down a corridor.

  3. Thanks for the comments.I enjoy reading them!I photographed this on a Sunday afternoon walk- a gap between two old wooden buildings that had lost its fence. I really liked the perspective too – even with garbage bins (see image before it)! The letter is on my front door mat and those are my boots! And I am glad you like the toothbrush mom photographer – I found that the hardest challenge of them all.

  4. Thanks for your visit, comments, and invitation Lori. I love your PAF photo and the whole of July is pretty spectaculicious!! There is something about seeing the whole of a month's creating that sort of takes my breath away…EnJOY!!

  5. You do keep yourself busy and your eye for the interesting is superb. The depth of your corridor leads me right to the wood grain door which is loaded with imaginary images. How fun is that? Very nice …Andrea @ From The Sol

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