Photoadayjuly coming to an end

It is Day 27 of fatmumslim’s photoadayjuly photo challenge. And what a challenge! Not only have I been photographing madly with both my iPhone and Pentax, but I have been then editing the chosen one (or two or three or four…..) using Photoshop. All lots of fun but very time consuming. A couple might seem familiar because they are variations of earlier photographs.

Day 22 Upside Down. iPhone and Photoshop
Boats I pass on my morning walk.
Day 23 Mirror. Pentax and Photoshop
My favourite mirror and a favourite wooden container.
Day 24 Stranger. iPhone and Photoshop
On my morning walk.
Day 25 Heart. Pentax and Photoshop
One of the necklaces I have made.
Day 26 Sunshine. iPhone and Photoshop
From my backyard today.
Day 27 On the Road. Pentax and Photoshop
Near North Head, Manly.

Just four days left of July and I will be taking a break from photoaday and concentrating on Orange!

14 thoughts on “Photoadayjuly coming to an end

  1. Thanks everyone. It is fun doing them but a bit hard keeping up. I am behind again already! Yesterday's theme was "cup" and today's is "last thing you bought". Hopefully I will do both today.

  2. Lovely photos, all! I am partial to the i-phone photographer near the water. The black and white is plain, but the water is what we see, the azure blue the destination for our eyes. We avert from the gray tones, the color soothing. Very nice!

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