Mandarin Orange Monday Week 2

Thank you for your fantastic contributions last week! It was fun waking up and checking here in the morning and finding little surprises.
Some of my non blogging friends asked if they could contribute so I opened up the option to upload directly from a computer. There is a disadvantage though – the images remain small.
For those visiting for the first time welcome to LorikArt’s Sunroom and to Mandarin Orange Monday. Each Monday you can share your favourite orange digital art. The list will be open for a week. You will find more details at About Mandarin Monday.
Just add your orange -ish image and url. The url should link to your the actual image, not your main blog page.
Don’t forget to visit other participants and leave a comment!
You might want to add my Mandarin Orange Monday button to your site to link back to here.
I look forward to seeing your images. Here are mine.

Lion at Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney.

I took the original photo of this magnificent creature at Taronga Park Zoo here in Sydney. It was  quite close, there was  strong (I hope) glass between us. I played the with image using Photoshop – Poster Edges. The colours I adjusted using the Selective Colour,   Saturation and Vibrancy options

Cat Eyes

This started as a photograph of a siamese cat which I cropped down to the eyes. With Photoshop I transformed it into semi abstract artwork. The main filter I used was Ink Outlines Brushstroke. Of course I played around with colour using Selective, Saturation and Vibrancy again. I also got rid of some very dark areas (centre bottom) by  copying and pasting  brighter, lighter colours. I used the Magic Wand Selection tool to isolate these areas.

Glass Clock. Beautiful but perfectly useless.

I found this beautiful glass clock in a little shop at Manly. Unfortunately the ticking is so maddeningly loud that I had to take the batteries out. Besides the usual colour adjustment I applied the Accented Edges Brushstroke filter.

24 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday Week 2

  1. I had a ball doing these orange pictures … it looks like you did too. I love the lion, not just because he is orange, but because I love lions, but all of your pictures are fun … even the useless clock. Well, now it has served a purpose :)Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. Thanks Leovi, Andre and Andrea 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed it as I am. I love the photographing and the editing – setting up a linky list for the first time is a bit of a challenge though!Andre thanks and I am glad you enjoyed the rest of the blog :)Andrea -I too love lions – and all cats! I I do love other animals too – i have mixed feelings about them the zoo though -love to watch them but sad they are locked up.

  3. Heisann!Thank you for visiting my Monday theme post!We share same feelings about days off!So fun arranging Mandarin Orange Monday! I will join you in the coming weeks.I administrate Blogger's Sunday Walk, so please, be welcome to 'walk with other bloggers' on my post October 7

  4. Vit og vakkert I would love to join you in In October! And thank you to everyone for visiting and taking part.Gemma thank you for adding me to your wonderful Memeaholics blog! I have found your blog very useful.

  5. Vilt Og vakkert (i looked really hard to find out what your name actually is!) – that is amazing- we do have a lot in common. That is one of the things that makes this so much fun. I look forward to having Sia here 🙂

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