Day 12 & 13 photoadayjuly TEXTURE and OPEN

Just caught  up with photoadayjuly challenge! I was getting behind…
I spied this little creature while walking at North Head, which is near Manly. He (or she?) is very well camouflaged, don’t you think? The challenge for Day 12 was Texture.
photoadayjuly Day 12 Texture

Another interesting sight, not at North Head obviously, but at very urban Balmain. The challenge this time was Open.

photodayjuly Day 13 Open

Both Manly and Balmain are in Sydney, Australia. They are both very different but most interesting places to visit.

Open is linked to Fridays Fences – since it shows a demolished fence! –  and Photo Art Friday.

16 thoughts on “Day 12 & 13 photoadayjuly TEXTURE and OPEN

  1. Thanks everyone 🙂 I enjoyed visiting your blogs too. And as for the bunny shot – it was like a bunny treasure hunt that day – seeing how many i could spot amongst the scrub. Lots of fun.

  2. The ears gave him away! I have a blog friend in Indiana here in the U.S. who is doing this photo challenge for July. Great exercise to improve your photography skills because the daily assignments force you to go in a different direction than you'd normally take.

  3. "open" is really interesting since you start to see more and more the longer you look at the photo. And I love the little bunny – yes, s/he is pretty well camouflaged.

  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments 🙂 Faye I would like to see your friend's photoaday-if you know the name she uses. It is a lot of a fun doing it- makes you walk around looking at your environment in nw ways too. Hard to keep up sometimes though 🙂

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