Large. photoadayjuly challenge Day 9

Today’s challenge is Large. One immediately thinks of those tourist icons in country towns and along the coast. Australia boasts  a giant guitar, ram, koala, banana and many more. My favourite is the big fish at Oberon.

Wikipedia’s Australia’s big things  lists more.

Since I live in the city and don’t have access to those supersize biggies I improvised for the photoday challenge!

I have linked these images to The Tablescaper.

3 thoughts on “Large. photoadayjuly challenge Day 9

  1. I love how you're treating the photographs. Great colors and textures.My brother's partner tells a really funny story of going to Thomasville, NC (a furniture making town) and being forced to visit the big chair landmark. I'm sure she would love the big fish 🙂

  2. Thanks alisamazing and Lori 🙂 Lori, A giant chair??!! That really is amazing! I hope it was a very special looking chair – sounds like it might not have been. I wonder how many teenagers climb up on it?

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