Chairs from psychedelic to baroque?

Chair is the theme for photoadayjuly Day 6 so I spent some time this afternoon looking at my chairs and trying to see them in a new light. I mean, a chair is a chair, after all. I thought about doing clever things like juxtaposing them, maybe a chair sitting on something else? But as a teacher I saw results of similar exercises many times. 
So instead I  photographed my favourite chairs and exaggerated what I like best about them. I  love the colour of the first, not forgetting the comfort too while watching yet another episode of Unit One or Desperate Housewives. This chair was transformed into the a piece of psychedelic.
Psychedelic Lounge Chair
My sunroom chairs have beautiful shape and pattern so I eliminated most colour. The red   chequered pattern of the tablecloth provides an interesting addition. I might also add that my father sewed that tablecloth by hand at about the age of eighty. He is now 90 years old by the way. 
Op Art Sunroom Chair
The study chair is my husband’s favourite chair. It is here he reads and eats his three pieces of chocolate every night. Three pieces? How could anyone stop at three? Certainly NOT me! I tried to give this a soft, baroque glow to portray this warm, cosy corner.
Cosy Study Chair

 I know that I was only supposed submit one photo each day. But sometimes it is  to choose. Or somedays I am just plain indecisive – about just about everything.

The three photos were taken on my iPhone and edited using Photoshop.

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