Frustrations. Posting, tweeting and pinning…round in circles

First it was Facebook, then blogging, tweeting and now it is Instagram! Anyone else having trouble keeping up?

When I  joined the fatmumslim’s photadayjuly challenge I thought, “Great! I love taking photos! I love editing! And it will just take a minute or two.” I was very wrong. Being a Photoshop addict was problem number one. Each photo did NOT take a minute.

So instead of transferring my original photo onto my computer for editing, I edited using the Photoshop App on my iPhone. Surely that would be quicker? It took me far longer doing it that way. A magnifying glass probably would have helped.  So did it all over again on my iMac.

The next step was publishing this work of art. Easy? Which image to put on the blog? How many to put on the blog? “Mmm….just a little change here…..” Then of course I need to explain the challenge, the image etc to readers. A whole day almost gone….

Now for the easy bit. I will share on my Facebook page. Which one? Personal page or Fan Page? And of course I really must share it with all those other people taking part in the challenge. So over to fatmumslim’s Facebook page to add my picture to the photoaday collage. Uh oh. Can’t do that unless I have something called Instagram, an iPhone App. I get Instagram and work out how to use it – a little. Now ready to share. Nope. I should have taken the original photo with the Instagram App, not merely my iPhone camera. There is a way to do it. Another day I will find out.

So I will share my On the Floor picture from my computer, just as I did on Days 1 – 4 of the photoadayjuly challenge. I will tweet it, post it and of course, pin it – all from my computer.  And then of course, share again.

Tomorrow I will do it the easy way. I will take the photo with Instagram, edit with Instagram (if that is possible) and share it with Instagram – all via my iPhone.

4 thoughts on “Frustrations. Posting, tweeting and pinning…round in circles

  1. Love this image. I am really enjoying photoadayjuly, it's great fun isn't it? I too love playing around with photos but I am trying to limit the time I spend doing it, it's hard!!

  2. Oh, I like the way you handle a challenge. Thorough thoroughly.You think, arrange,shoot, and then find the most complicated ways of editing. Nice work, work a true amateur, lover of art.

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