FUN and Children’s Toys

This photoaday thing is already driving me bonkers! I just can’t stop myself  “just changing one more thing”. I even found myself doing a Photoshop tutorial today, not that it is a bad thing to learn new tricks.
The theme for today is FUN. And who has the most fun? Kids I would think. And of course, toys contribute very much to this fun. I photographed  just some of the toys I have collected for my grandson, Matthew, to play with when he visits. 
Some I have bought new but most are from op shops and even  footpaths. People put out stuff they no longer need or want where I live. It is a great way to recycle.  
One of these toys belonged to Matthew’s daddy. I wonder if you can spot it? How many people keep their children’s toys or even their own toys? I still have two dolls – just waiting to be photographed! 
I started a blog, Boomers – our Parents’ History last year about the life of my father.  He is now 90 years old. One of the posts is about the toys of his childhood. That poor, neglected blog… This is going to the be week to revive it! What a perfect thing to do when you have the dreaded virus – “the virus that everyone else has had already” and therefore you get little sympathy! 

I took this photo with my iPhone. It is so easy just to snap away. I need to be careful not to neglect my Pentax. This isn’t bad for a phone camera though. Of course I had edited even this first one with Photoshop – improving the colour and definition.

The next three are where I got carried away with Photoshop, playing around with layers and various filters like Colour Halftone and Poster Edges. Poster Edges has always been my favourite. I use that a lot when doing images for my cards and jewellery images.

Fun is the theme for Day 4 of photoadayjuly 
The  Photoshop tutorial I liked the best today was at  Planet Photoshop

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