My Rainbow Coloured Gift

Today I was given a lovely,  gift by a friend. No, it is not my birthday, and even though I am sick with a virus, she wasn’t aware of it.

My friend knows how much I love her treasured rainbow jumper. She told me that she had been walking along a track with it tied around her waist. At some stage it had fallen off without her noticing. Later in the day she found it hanging on a tree waiting to be claimed, and this was about to happen. She ran up to them saying “It’s mine!!” and retrieved her beloved hooded jumper.

Realising how close she had come to losing it made her think… “I could have given that to Lori but instead I almost lost it to a stranger.” And so she gave it to me.

She does have second one – but not the same. And this one is special, it was the first one she made. Yes, she made it herself. It was hand knitted  with organic cotton and then sewn together.

I think Vonnie should go into business selling them – but of course not the same as mine.

Friends  are to be treasured. I will tell you nice story about another friend another time.

Me and My Multicoloured Knitted Hoodie – a special gift.

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