Cat Nook

At night we have taken to covering the lounge with rugs so that Melody, our cat, doesn’t cover every single sitting place with her multitudes of white hair. She has a perfectly good cat bed but prefers the lounge, or a chair, or  even a spot on the floor if the weather allows.

Where do you think we found her this morning?

She had  nuzzled her way in and under the rug. I pulled it up to take a peek. She was not impressed! She is still there now – sound asleep. And yes, I did pull the rug back down for her.

4 thoughts on “Cat Nook

  1. I put tin foil on the sofa to keep the dogs off. It works, they just look at the sheet of foil sitting on the sofa cushion and walk away. They don't even try to get up in an uncovered area. It's weird. Of course when I take it off the Whippet/Beagle is up there immediately.

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