Breakfast, my favourite meal of the day

My  Morning View

Breakfast Preparation

Breakfast is my favourite meal. I feel I can eat as much as I like and I have the whole day to burn it off. That is the theory….

I suppose it does take a long time to prepare but I do it in stages. Before my walk I soak the oats and cut up the apple. During the walk the apples cook ( I cheat – I use the microwave… yes, I know microwaving food is a compromise and maybe I lose some nutrients). After the walk I  cut up and cook the banana and pear.

Winter I use pears, summer I use peaches. Sometimes I use frozen berries on top, sometimes I use fresh strawberries  or blueberries and other times I use grapes. I love adding that little extra bit of colour – and flavour. And always I try to use less of everything and always I end up cooking too much. But that is ok too… husband can have some too, even though he does prefer plain old oats with milk and sugar.

Ready To Eat – AT LAST

Photos are all taken with my iPhone. Photoshop did the rest.

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