Cat Brooch Series … well on the way

I have been busy trying to finish of some new work for my stall at The World Bar  this week. Here  are a couple of brooches – one finished, the other not quite.  And my favourite painted (not so recent) pendant.

They are all light-weight wood and I used acrylic paint. The pink and green (unfinished brooch has not been sealed yet). I have been trying not to obsess so much about symmetry for after all, they are hand painted and  not digital images. But I find myself constantly fighting the urge! Ah… the influence of Photoshop! Maybe my next ones will be freer and more painterly.

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4 thoughts on “Cat Brooch Series … well on the way

  1. I think these are lovely! I know what you mean about hand painting and digital. I'm always looking at my handmade art with an extra critical eye now because I'm used to the ease of digitally cleaning up images I've scanned.I first found you through your baby boomer blog. I see that it's no longer active–but it's very interesting! :)–Susan

  2. Thanks so much Susan. And fighting the urge to "fix" after photographing and importing into ps is also very difficult isn't it.I really never meant to stop posting on the boomer blog. I even have notes from my father for the next post – you have inspired me to do something with them .

  3. I love your kitties. I like when things don't look perfect but I know what you mean about digital clean ups. You can't fix up little tidbits here and there for photos if you are going to sell them online. You also want them to look their best.Anyway, these are lovely!

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