Mother’s Day and Art

Mothers Day in Australia is almost over. I had a perfect Mothers Day with my family – my grandson, son, daughter in law and husband. My husband cooked my favourite vegetable curry for lunch – with all the yummy extras. And what was dessert? My all time favourite – lemon meringue pie. He didn’t cook that though, Victoire did that.
Afterwards I browsed the net looking at pictures. Very relaxing. And how appropriate that my browsing focussed on mothers and children – in art. The resulting collage features  some of my favourites. I wonder how many you can identify?
You could never guess  my previous occupation, could you?
Mother and Child in the History of Art

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Art

  1. Lori, that sounds like a wonderful Mothers Day, similar to mine, and that Lemon Meringue Pie must have been delicious. One of my all time favourites! Love your collage,all lovely, but don't ask me to name them! bye for now, Jane

  2. Thanks Jane and it certainly was both. The naming is the easy part – mostly Mother and Child 🙂 . I almost numbered them and made it into a quiz – for the artist. Glad you had a good day too.

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