Summer Came Back to Manly

I  spent two wonderful weekends at Manly – and pretended it was summer again – the summer we didn’t really have this year. The sun was shining and the water was warm (23-24 degrees!) so of course I visited the surf beach and of course I had a swim. Strictly speaking, the second swim wasn’t really a swim, more like a paddle. Why? The sea was very rough and the life savers had closed the beach.

No pictures of me at the beach – you wouldn’t enjoy those at all! But here a few of the harbour, taken from the balcony.

Harbour View. Paddling, kayaking, sailing, fishing.
These people really are paddling. How do they manage to balance? This activity has become popular recently. It wasn’t long ago that we would see just one person paddling around the surfers while they waited for that elusive wave. Now they are a common sight both on the harbour and the surf beach.

Apparently it is called “stand up paddle surfing” and originated in Hawaii in the early 1960s.

Paddlers. Closeup.
Paddling and kayaking just below our balcony.

The Manly Ferry. The paddlers and kayakers had better watch out!

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