Pickles Progress

Meet Pickles, a very nice, often helpful and always curious cat who lives in Melbourne with her Mummy and brother Cocomo. Being the object of her mummy’s devotion she is now  a star – a star that dangles from her mummy’s earlobes. 
So this is the story of the Pickles earrings…Pickles Progress in fact.
Pickles centre.
Clarence Earrings top left; colour scheme chosen by Pickles Mummy top right.
Bottom Row: Clarence on a Persian Mat, the original photograph; Transformation of background.

Pickles’s Mummy admired earrings I made which starred  another special cat, Clarence. Clarence is  probably famous by now. He features in earrings, brooches, cards, a bracelet, pendants and even a canvas painting. Pickles was destined to become a star too – so I was given the task of making that dream come true. Pickles was to be sitting on her own special carpet – a red, white and blue one.

These photographs show the inspiration (Clarence earrings) and the colour scheme as well as Clarence and the transformation of his carpet.

Of course Pickles is the big centre image.

Pickles…of course. 
This particular image was chosen  because it needed to be divided into four parts – and composition is important in this case. 
In the first image I was experimenting with her actual colour. The others show her in black, white and  grey as her Mummy preferred. Black, white and grey looks good with red and blue.

Back and white Pickles on a decorative, coloured background.

I chose the last one finally. I made lots of images, these are just a few. Making up my mind in the end was very difficult – always is…

Pickles is now going on all  sorts of outings getting a “cat’s-eye” view –  from her Mummy’s earlobes.

More of my cat jewellery (and non-cat jewellery too).

Show and Tell Saturday where you see progress of other peoples’ art

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