The Walk – Part 2. Passing People.

Morning walks are about exercise but they are also about experiencing what is around you, about seeing and hearing what you don’t normally see at other times of day. The light is different, the colours of the grass and trees often exaggerated,  the sounds are different. Birds are far more vocal at that time of morning – to be replaced later in the day by the sounds of cars and planes.

Callan Park, near entrance. 6.30am.
Mowing has just begun so not as green in places today.

I love seeing fish jumping up out of the water. It is often  so quiet that you can hear them splashing back into the water too. Some jump straight up but the other day one very large fish seemed to fly horizontally through the air. It was so amazing that it led to a comment  and a brief conversation with a fellow walker, up until now just a face I have seen every morning. Now we greet each other as we pass by.

Solitary Friend. He obviously wakes early.
Friend Catching Up – taking a little short-cut

There are many regulars that I recognise and would probably feel the urge to say hello if I were to run into them at the shops. Two older men walk together every morning, talking animatedly with waving arms  the whole way. I have decided that they are retired Italian fisherman because I have heard them mention fish and they seem to be saying “it was this big!”. For a period over the Christmas holidays there was only one of them walking and I worried the missing man was sick. But hopefully he was visiting relatives (in Italy?) because he is back now.

Two Friends United. The late riser caught up.
But he must only do half the walk!

I have had a couple of surprises though. One is the Musical Rider. There is a man who regular rides a bike  with a great, big hat. The seat on his bike seems to have been adjusted just for him – because he is leaning back in a very relaxed way. Or perhaps you can buy comfortable bikes. The bike has a motor so obviously it is a very relaxing sort of bike ride. But what really adds to his enjoyment is music. He plays very loud classical music as he whizzes buy looking like a nobleman. He always appears without warning (he is fast) and takes everyone by surprise.

The appearance of  The Musical Rider might be described as an amusing sight but early one morning I saw a sight that was positively bizarre. I left very early that day and the sun was only just starting to rise. I was  walking along the narrow road which leads down to the park when I saw a cyclist coming up the hill towards me. It was a man peddling very fast. As he got closer I could see why – he was naked! A man in his 40’s or 50s riding his bike naked in (almost) daylight! I was stunned – as you can imagine. After he passed I stopped and turned around to make sure it really did happen.  I saw  a slightly overweight bottom bobbing up and down, peddling frantically up the hill. What was his story? I wondered if he had been very “daring?” riding around the park in the dark and  didn’t leave for home in time – caught out by the rising sun. Was he acutely embarrassed? Or what? Not long after he passed a girl with her dog appeared. She told me that she saw him every  morning sitting looking a the water. Was The Naked Rider  meditating? Or what?  I never did see him again – maybe I should get up extra early with my iPhone and take his picture – from the back of course.

Was this the view the Naked Rider enjoyed?

Footnote: I promised my fellow walker (husband) this morning that my photography and my frequent stopping would not interfere with our walk. After each stop I ran to catch up.  I was so pleased with myself! Especially when I passed those slow young joggers with such ease. Little did they know that, unlike them,  I had only been running a very short distance – not really the whole 8 kms around the bay.

The Walk. Part 1 – Passing People

3 thoughts on “The Walk – Part 2. Passing People.

  1. People gazing is fascinating isn't it? Your naked cyclist brings to mind (as if I could ever forget it!) the day I returned home from shopping in town one wet day and rounded the corner of our very minor road, and there was a naked young man holding on to all the essential bits, grinning away, having a shower in the water gushing down the hill beside the road! I waved and smiled a bit like the Queen does and kept on going! Just a bit further on was a camper van. It made more sense!

  2. That is so funny Jane! Yes, I am afraid I did (just for an instant of course 🙂 ) get the the wrong impression. What a lovely way to have a shower though – I would have someone on lookout though!

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