The Walk. Part 1

Remember Novembercise? Remember my Walk at 6am Daily Challenge? I did actually keep the morning walks up although not quite 6am anymore – more like 6.45am – 7am. I still walk with my friend Vonnie one day a week and the other mornings I am accompanied by my newly retired husband. I should correct that by saying motivated by or persuaded by my newly retired, enthusiastic husband.

View of the bay walk from the opposite side of Iron Cove. Taken today on our afternoon walk.
It is such a beautiful walk. First we walk along the main road, past those who had to get up so early for work, sometimes coffee in hand. Then we enter the beautiful Callan Park to be greeted by the songs of the Butcher Bird and a host of other birds that I am yet to identify on Birds in Backyards.

Callan Park near entrance. 6.30am. Dog Walkers track to the right. 

Past the occasional walker, dog walker, jogger until we reach the bay where it is no longer the occasional passer-by. We are joined by the cyclers and even more joggers and  walkers. And of course the boot camps. Out on the bay are the rowers just finishing their training – yes, just finishing in most cases. They are out there before first daylight it seems.

The Rowers. Training finished for the morning.
And then there are the eccentrics. Tomorrow I will tell you about them.

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