Eastern Water Dragon at Manly

The Eastern Water Dragon is a familiar sight along the rocky shoreline at Manly. I saw these two on a walk  to Collins Beach, which is a tiny and often secluded beach at the edge of North Head Sydney Harbour National Park.

Fans of Australia’s Biggest Loser might be interested to know filming is currently taking place at  North Head. I must confess to having been a regular viewer – mainly because I have had “weight issues” all my life too. However, sometimes the cringe factor is just too much and I just turn it off.

Visit the Australian Museum website if you would like to know more about this amazing creature. 

See more textural images at Texture Thursday.

7 thoughts on “Eastern Water Dragon at Manly

  1. Śliczne jaszczurki. Nasze są troszkę inne , przede wszystkim kolorami. Pozdrawiam.*** Beautiful lizard. We are a little different, first of all colors. Yours.

  2. These are great photos! I love that you would get close enough to take these. I might be to scared. Yicks!!! Biggest loser ~ Is good and inspirational! I have weight issues too! Ugggg! I run, I workout I can't figure it out. . .maybe it's the cookies. I love cookies!

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