I Made it on Madeit – Madeit Newsletter that is…

I had some pretty exciting news this week – one of my necklaces has been featured in the Madeit Newsletter this month.

Green Bubble Art Necklace

Madeit is an Australian based online market where you can find hand-made items of all kinds – from children’s’ clothing to dog’s “attire”. And of course you will find jewellery, including mine of course.

I have been making jewellery for some years – along with photography, digital art and canvas painting. In the past I have sold my jewellery  at a couple of markets – Windsor and Springwood in the Blue Mountains. Both places were lovely areas to visit, very picturesque and their markets were a lot of fun. I met lots of wonderful people. However I wasn’t crazy about the very early starts and the cold, cold mornings.

Last year I discovered the world of online markets – not so picturesque, but again I have met some great people – I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn!

Madeit was my first online store followed by Etsy. Both are very time consuming and I found it difficult finding time to do other things – like create! How do people do it?!  So now I sell my wares only at one place only, Madeit. Like Etsy, you can find some beautifully hand-crafted items and stunning artworks. Both have a sense of community although Madeit is a smaller one.

Hopefully I will now have more time for my art making – both jewellery and painting.

I would love you to visit my LorikArt Madeit store sometime.

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