On making a bracelet….

Over the holiday period I actually did  spend some time being creative. I made a bracelet for an old school friend who now lives in the UK. She saw one of my cat eye pendants and asked for a similar bracelet – that is, perspex tiles, leafed lace and an image. The image was to be my choice but the colour scheme had to be bright pink (to match her nails), green and gold.  Since she is an expat Australian I chose the waratah flower as the image. My friend wanted  for a combination of gold and silver for the lace and the clasps etc.

It was a long, long process. Printing the image, cutting and drilling the perspex, gluing the image onto the perspex. Next, painting lace with gold leaf (and my fingers, face…) and gluing it onto the perspex. One really fun process was working out the number and size of the perspex tiles – so that it was precisely the measurement I was given. Fun at first trying out different arrangements….but also tedious making them fit to the prescribed length… a bit puzzle in fact. Eventually the puzzle was solved.

Choosing the beads is always very exciting – maybe even the best part. Who doesn’t like shopping? Especially when it is a big warehouse full of beautiful, shiny, sparkly  things. I eventually chose a selection of fresh water pearls and swarvoski crystal.

And finally – assembling the pieces and seeing the finished work.

The inspiration – the concept and materials
The process and the final result
The cat eye pendant is in my Madeit Shop 
The bracelet is of course in the UK.

Show and Tell Saturday

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9 thoughts on “On making a bracelet….

  1. This is a unique meme "Show and Tell Sunday." I love the bracelet you made. I also in the midst of learning how to do beaded bracelets but I'm still lacking several materials for me to be able to follow pattern instructions. 😀 It's so beautiful.

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