Holiday Fun – yummy treats

I thought it was about time I rejoined the world of the bloggers. It has been such a long time – more than a month in fact. But after all it has been the holiday season. So what have I been doing all this time? Certainly not being creative this year…but having lots of fun.

Fun with gadgets (a new iPhone for my birthday!) and fun with food (another birthday treat – one of Tony’s sinful gelato sundaes at Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé).

The sundae on the right is similar to mine.
Next time I will take a pic with my new iPhone!

Speaking of sinful food, I also visited a new local cafe at Balmain, Little Darling Diner. The coffee was excellent and my dessert was scrumptious – a chocolate and peanut mousse. The waitress, a local student, was a delight. She was certainly very patient with three “mature”, slightly dotty, retired school teachers. Next time I will try their main courses – but with dessert, of course.

Chocolate Mousse and Ice-Cream too!
Ah…the anticipation!
And the most fun of all? Playing with my little grandson, Matthew!

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