Manly Marine Life

From the balcony of the apartment where I have spent some happy holidays there is much to be seen. The most consistent sight is that of the Manly Ferry as it carries both tourists and locals between Manly and the city. But sometimes there are surprises. This particular day it was dolphins playing around the boats that are moored nearby. Apparently they have been known to follow the ferries to and fro, but I haven’t been lucky enough to see that yet.

I have been surprised by other rare sightings though. The star event of my friend’s birthday party was a performance by a seal. Imagine seeing a seal splashing around in Sydney Harbour! Some years later a seal made the ramp near the Sailing Club his home. He stayed for weeks and became  a local tourist attraction.

A sting ray has even swum past and once I was stunned to realise that the post I was looking at was actually a turtle. One of the most beautiful sights was the big, blue groper swimming along the shoreline.

The cutest of all are the fairy penguins. I have heard them “barking” from the apartment but have always “just missed” seeing them. But I have seen them down by the Ferry Wharf, waddling out at sunset.

Manly is a pretty amazing place.

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3 thoughts on “Manly Marine Life

  1. Bardzo ładne zdjęcie, ale i to co widziałaś na wycieczce też było cudowne. PozdrawiamVery nice photo, but what you saw on the trip was wonderful too. Yours

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