Another Challenge – Texture Thursday

I have joined in a new photo challenge. So far I have taken part in two challenges. Artists in Blogland was my first. Every Saturday you post about the artwork you are working on at the moment. It is fun to see what others are doing. Since my work has been commissions lately I haven’t posted there for a while. But soon I will be back.

The second challenge is Watery Wednesday, where of course, you post images of water. Since I love visiting the sea and often am tempted to photograph it.

And the new challenge? Texture Thursday – I love looking a textures, painting textures, photographing textures. My first Texture Thursday image  is a photograph of submerged, mossy covered rocks on the shore of the harbour at Manly. Manly is a beautiful place on the northern side of Sydney Harbour which can be reached by ferry as well as the usual car and bus. It also has a vast surf beach and National Park on the headland which boasts spectacular views.

Mossy Slimy Rocks on the Harbour

10 thoughts on “Another Challenge – Texture Thursday

  1. Your rock and water shot with the texture turned out beautifully. I have participated in the meme sometimes, too, and have found it to be a beautiful one to learn from. This shot and your treatment of it is lovely. genie

  2. Beautiful texture, with lovely shades of green!Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog:-) I love your beautiful city, and have wonderful friends there. I have visited twice; in 2008 and again in July this year. How interesting that you enjoy scandinavian crime fiction. Last summer we visited Øland island in our camper van. It's such a beautiful and interesting island!

  3. How lucky you are to have visited Oland. Any photos? I have now finished the three books set there and I am waiting for Theorin to publish the next one. I have just started on your fellow Norwegian Jo Nesbo. I hope it takes me to Bergen an those beautiful northern regions.thanks for visiting.And thank you LInda, Genie, Liz and Mary.

  4. Thank you Inger for referring me to your Oland photos. I enjoyed looking at them very much. I found it exciting actually. And beautiful photos they are too. Imagine too, you are so close to Bergen. You must have lots of photos of those colourful houses at the water's edge. Is your island as big as Oland? I will look it up.

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