Some Life Experiences

1. First day at school. Unofficial. I escaped from my mother’s friend’s house which was directly across the road. Through the fence I went – all by myself. I don’t know how long I spent there but I am sure I had a lot of fun – until I was finally found and collected by my very worried mother.

2. First year at school. I loved it until I had to change classes. One class must have been bigger than the other because we were told whoever sat up the straightest could go to the other class.  I sat too straight unfortunately. My mother had to drag me to school for a while after that. The teachers tried to make me feel better by giving me the “honour” of holding the flag in the morning. Why didn’t they just put me back in the other class?  I still remember it as a most traumatic time.
3. Started high school. We sat in the big hall with our mothers (no dads there in those days) and waited patiently until our name was called out and we were put into a class. They started at F. I waited and waited, watching my friends disappear to classrooms. By the time they got to A none of my friends were left. I cried and was very upset. I remember consciously working at being demoted to the B class. Which I was the following year. Crazzzzy.
4. Left school. Enjoyed school in the final two years. Finally decided I really did like learning – just as I had in those pre-pubescent primary school years. Better late than never. Puberty has a lot to answer for!
5. Studied art and art teaching. Had lots of fun, met lots of people. My best friend then is my best friend now!
6. Graduated and started teaching. It was hard at first but I ended up loving it – most of the time. Teaching is so “up” and “down” never much in the middle. Never boring. Kids are mostly lovely. And mostly they enjoy making art. One of my nicest, most enthusiastic (and talented of course) students became an art teacher too and we still keep in touch.
7. Met my wonderful, clever husband Graham in my second year of teaching. Married in November and went travelling in January together. For a year. Travelled first to Bali, then Java, off to Singapore and Malaysia, overland  to Thailand. From Thailand a plane to  Calcutta. Then Nepal. When finally exhausted from India set off on the “hippy trail”. First Pakistan, then Afghanistan (via the infamous Khyber pass) and then across Iran and Turkey by bus and train. At Istanbul boarded the Orient Express (that year they didn’t have the proper train) across Bulgaria and on to Europe. Finally bought a van in UK camped in England, Scotland and Wales and then across the channel (yes I was sick) to France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and the former Yugoslavia. Back to England and flew home. But just had to call in to India again on the way back.
I will save the stories and some pics for another  time!
8. Came home bought a house and started teaching again – at my old high school!
9. Became a mother to a beautiful boy, Michael. Spent two and half wonderful years home with him. The best time of my life I think – well, one of them!  Took him to playgroup, making new friends (I am in touch with two of these lovely people now on Facebook!) for him as well as for me. Lots of family picnics for the three of us – Botanical Gardens, Clifton Gardens, the Zoo ….

10. Back to work and back to teaching.
11. Retired.
12. Back to art and art making 
13. Back to fitness and health and the GYM!
14. Became a grandmother to beauuuutiful Matthew!

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